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Some succeed because…

Some succeed because…

“Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to.”  Unknown


I saw this quote today it got me to thinking.  It covers two main themes that are I believe are essential in your online marketing.   First that there is success, which is obvious, but equally obvious, is that there is failure.  Second is what you put into the journey whether by strength or will or ability aids you along the way.


The marketing of your self, product, business, or idea makes no difference to me whether it is online or offline.  The process differs but the message can be and should be same.  We might have different audiences or demographics that will need to be considered, but the core message of how this widget adds value to someone’s life, is the same.


Why are some successful and some failures then?  Kevin Hogan says the main factor on why we purchase something is how it is presented…its presentation.  I remember one of my first mentors in business, Arne Fahlen.  He pulled me aside one day as I was cooking at his restaurant.  As he pointed to the plates of food that I had prepared, as they waited to be picked up by the wait staff, he said in a thick Swedish accent, “You know what the most important thing about serving food is?”  “Presentation, you have to make good quality food, but you have to make it look even better.”  Then he looked at me. “What do you think we should do with this food?”  I said with a nervous quiver, “Make it look better?”  He smiled and said, “Good job!” And then walked into the back of the store and left for another engagement.


But that has stuck with me to this very day.  To be successful in your marketing we need to present it and make it look appealing.


That takes me back to the second point as the author makes in the quote above…”determined to.”  After my lesson in the restaurant, from that point forward it took a determination by me to take the extra time to provide a better presentation for our clientele.  So it will take an additional resolve by you in delivering a beneficial and appealing message to your audience?


You have a great story.  Now determine that you will be successful in telling it.

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